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Recent studies involving more specific measures of interactional behaviour continue to demonstrate that, compared with mothers with affective disorders, mothers with schizophrenia are less positively responsive and their speech less infant-directed.One weakness of previous studies has been the absence of healthy comparison groups, Breitling Navitimer Heritage Quartz Chronograph BT-185 it impossible to establish whether clinical-group behaviours differed from expected behaviours in healthy participants.Compared with a group of healthy dyads, mothers with schizophrenia or postpartum psychosis were less sensitive and responsive to their babies on admission, but on discharge there were no differences . However, this study still relied on global rating scales, making it difficult to identify particular interactional behaviours that mothers with SMI might find difficult.

Meins distinguished between appropriate mind-related comments indexing the caregiver's accurate reading of the infant's thoughts or feelings, and non-attuned mind-related Breitling Navitimer Montbrillant BT-4 indicating a misinterpretation of the infant's internal states.With regard to depressive illness, key features such as social withdrawal, impaired concentration, fatigue and irritability are likely to prevent caregivers from tuning in to their infants' internal states and engaging in mind-minded discourse.Cognitive deficits associated with schizophrenia may also impact negatively on caregivers' mind-mindedness. For example, patients with schizophrenia have been reported to score lower than healthy controls on theory of mind tasks, suggesting a deficit in their ability to infer people's thoughts and intentions from their behaviour.

These deficits may carry over into how individuals with schizophrenia interact with their infants, leading one to predict low levels of mind-mindedness in schizophrenia.The present Breitling Navitimer Quartz BT-195 first aim was to investigate how different types of SMI impact on infant-mother interaction and whether such interactions in mothers with SMI differ from those observed in healthy dyads. We hypothesized that, compared with healthy women, mothers with SMI would demonstrate lower levels of mind-mindedness, in terms of few appropriate comments about the infant's internal states and high levels of misinterpretations of the infant's thoughts and feelings, and that they would also be less responsive and more intrusive. Differences among mothers with different diagnoses were also explored, although no directional hypotheses were made.

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