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As a complete PV system provider, SOLON is handling the Gila Bend, Ariz.-based project for APS every step of the way--from site development and system design, to engineering, procurement and construction. The project features SOLON's Velocity MW Solar System, which will provide 18 preconfigured, one-megawatt Breitling Chronomat Quartz Chrono BT-223 solar fields specifically designed to help utilities quickly scale to capacity. In total, SOLON will provide the APS system with 108 robust SOLON-engineered single axis trackers, utilizing over 75,000 high-efficiency, industrial solar modules.

The SOLON Velocity MW Solar System consists of standardized clusters, which reduce the number of components with a proportional reduction in field installation labor. The Breitling Chronomat Quartz Chrono BT-224 design also accelerates plant permitting and site development. When operated in conjunction with SOLON SCADA, a web-based system for remotely monitoring, controlling and reporting on a plant's performance, Velocity MW offers the most comprehensive solution for achieving efficient solar plant development and ongoing management.

The subsidiary has built its own production facilities in Tucson, Arizona with a capacity of over 100MWp, where it manufactures UL-certified solar modules for the N.A. market. The SOLON Group's core business is the manufacture of solar modules in various performance categories and the construction of turnkey solar power plants. The SOLON Group employs 950 people worldwide and has subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Switzerland, and the U.S.

Retaining a diverse workforce in today's economy is a concern of corporate leaders in major cities through out the United States.Pittsburgh is no different.Addressing the issue head on, the Western Pennsylvania Diversity Initiative recently hosted a symposium with the above named title.

In attendance during a presentation conducted by Breitling Crosswind Calendar Automatic BT-216 practitioner Tiffany Taylor Smith, M.S. Ed, owner of TRTaylor Consulting Group, more than 50 Bar Association members, educators, health care and corporate officials were on hand aiming to get the tools to help empower workforce diversity within their companies. "My goal today is to discuss the best practices in diversity retention, today's generation of employees and cultural conversations," she said.

As good employees, she pointed out that people and workers need to understand their communication style; "How we communicate is very important." She said that 30 to 40 percent of what a Breitling Chronomatic Quartz Chrono BT-211 communicates conversationally is verbal and the rest is within body language. Gesture, tone, inflection, posture, or eye contact may enhance or negate the content of a message. "Studies show body language and non-verbal cues operate primarily on an unawareness level and are more trusted than words," she said.

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