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Some went to cash during the market collapse, Bvlgari Assioma BL-13 missed participating in the rally. Others, whose portfolios remain relatively intact, have not yet adapted to the new normal, where those assets no longer produce. "For 25 years, every month they received a statement showing their holdings going up," says Scott Mosley, an independent wealth manager in Madison, Wisconsin. "That's over."

Nobody likes to eat their seed corn by invading principal, and many hope to leave a comfortable estate to their children. The wealthy are bracing for higher taxes, including bites from income, capital gains, and estate levies. "They are cognisant they are in the crosshairs of a progressive tax system," says Kitces.

Although fear of the future may Bvlgari Assioma BL-14 heavier on them than actual losses, Mosley hears language about inability to generate habitual levels of income. For the first time, some of his clients are collecting months of credit card statements, to categorise their spending. Yet planners report that reactions to the downdraft, and newfound frugality, typically reflect people's basic personalities and nervousness. The credit crisis and its aftermath brought financial insecurities to the fore. Their lifestyles may not be seriously threatened, but they are turning off the lights more often.

To complement the tweens' experience- a day long Parent Track devoted to exploring topics relevant to their daughters is offered- including what girls are thinking, doing, saying (or not saying), and dreaming...

This groundbreaking day will be Bvlgari Assioma BL-15 by tween expert, AK Tweens and founder Denise Restauri along with author, Seventeen Magazine columnist and self-esteem expert Jess Weiner.

Disney's Friends for Change: Project Green is a multi-platform initiative that empowers kids to help the planet. Through the program, kids learn practical ways to help the environment, get their friends involved, track their collective impact and have the opportunity to help Disney decide how to divide $1 million in annual donations to various environmental causes.

Arizona Wildcats setter Paige Bvlgari Assioma Quartz Chrongraph BL-11 read aloud outside hitter Tiffany Owens' statistics as the players walked to their post-game interview.

The numbers jumped off the page: 22 kills on 30 swings with just one error for a .700 attack percentage in Arizona's 3-0 victory over New Mexico State on Saturday afternoon.

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