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Recently, the local police contacted JVC and provided a picture of two criminals who had targeted a local jeweller and stolen a large, very valuable ring. At the request of the police, JVC distributed the pictures to its network. Almost immediately, jewellers throughout the area started reporting that these men had been in their locations. Within a day of the alert, the police received a call from a local jeweller who told police these two men had just been in his store. As a result Breitling for Bentley QUARTZ Chronograph BT-57 receiving this information from the JVC network, they were not only very cautious in dealing with these two men, but also obtained the license number of their car, which they turned over to police. This information resulted in the arrest of these two men and to the identification of a major jewellery fencing ring. This networking not only prevented losses but resulted in arrests.

Local area networks are very strong and well-supported south of the border. Jewelers Security Alliance in the U.S., along with Jewelers Mutual Insurance, has produced a booklet on Breitling Hercules Automatic BT-40 up a local area network. JVC will work to assist jewellers in Canada to set up their own local networks. If you are in any area of the jewellery business, it is very important that you belong to a network, which can help you protect your staff and assets. Contact JVC today and obtain information and assistance on setting up your own local area network.

Language is a vital tool that we use to communicate with other people in our daily and working lives (Sanstead, 2001; Adejimola, 2008). It consists of words and meanings that are combined into discrete units (sentences) (Hagoort & Van Berkum, 2007; Van Berkum, 2008). Sentences joined together become information that Breitling Navitimer Automatic BT-67 be used to exchange ideas with other people (Lieberman, 2008). Although language is important in working life, linguistic skill in itself is insufficient (Cantoni, 1998; Geneva 2002; Hulstrand, 2008). Foreign languages are also important and play important roles in business administration.

In business administration, foreign language plays several roles, such as a role in internal (Marchan et al., 1997; Marschan-Piekkari et al., 1999; Davies, 2000) and external communication (Marchan et al., 1997; Davies, 2000; Leslie & Russel, 2006), a role in having a chance to get a good job, and a role as a means to understand other cultures. Good communication in foreign language becomes so crucial in today's world (Cole, 1988) owing to the impact of globalization. Breitling Navitimer Automatic BT-77 global competitors, the most important factor is the ability to communicate on a wider, quicker and clearer basis (Schorr, 2005). Ability in communication is focused on foreign languages which are widely used (Walters, 1990).

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