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Johnson said he plans to keep making clocks as long as possible.

"It's an endorphin, it's a drug," he said. "I Breitling Navitimer Quartz Chronograph BT-22 rest between clocks. I can't imagine ever retiring. I'd rather be working in my workshop."

After a manhunt of almost two weeks, Apopka police Wednesday found a father they say left his girlfriend's two young sons alone with crack cocaine but no food.

The girlfriend, Tiffany Lewis, 25, was with Breitling PAN Frecce Tricolori QUARTZ Chronograph BT-99 Lamar-Marquise Sims, 25, when he was arrested about 3:15 p.m. She, too, was arrested.

Lewis, a guard for the state Department of Juvenile Justice, had told officers she didn't know where Sims was -- although she admitted he had called her on the phone -- and she denied that there were drugs in her apartment.

On Wednesday, an officer saw Lewis throw several pieces of crack in the grass as she got out of a car Sims was driving on Alabama Avenue, said Officer Steve Popp, an ApopkaBreitling PAN Frecce Tricolori QUARTZ Chronograph BT-99spokesman.

Popp said Lewis had been helping Sims evade officers. She was arrested on charges of sale or delivery of cocaine, possession of marijuana, child neglect and being an accessory after the fact.

As she was being led to a police car, Lewis told television cameras that there are no drugs in her home and investigators are wrong. Police said Sims lives with Lewis.

Sims' charges are possession of cocaine, Breitling Professional Emergency Mission BT-172 neglect and driving with a suspended license.

The investigation began when Lewis' 6-year-old son went to a neighbor on June 17 and said he was hungry and home alone with his 6-month-old brother. The neighbor told police that she was afraid of Sims, whom she described as a drug dealer, a report states.

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