Bvlgari Ergon Chronometer BL-18

When the couple explained what they wanted, that being a one carat diamond, D Color, and a clarity rating of VVS1, they were very surprised, "We were told it would be impossible to Bvlgari Ergon Chronometer BL-18 a diamond of that quality in Kuwait," said Robert. "Eventually, one guy in the souk said he could order one in for us but then wanted to charge an exorbitant price.

The couple explained that the average color rating for a diamond was H level with a few better ones in the F and E ranges. Then there was the low clarity quality available with the average sitting in the SI range.

Eventually the couple stumbled upon one place that was willing to provide them with their dream engagement ring. Hala & Al-Zenah Jewelry in Salmyia were able to ship in the Bvlgari Sotirio Collection BL-1 they wanted in the Princess cut required and to set it into a platinum ring, "The guy here was brilliant. We were told no-where in Kuwait could you get platinum but he did," said Robert. "Being a gemologist he had all the right connections to get us what we wanted.

The gemologist explained to the couple that no jeweler carries the better quality in Kuwait because Kuwaitis do not look for quality but rather the size and number of diamonds in Bvlgari Sotirio Collection BL-2 setting. He said most were used as prestige symbols. The bigger the piece the more it showed off your wealth. He added it was nice to speak to people who actually cared about the quality of the gem rather than the size.

A spokesperson from the Damas and Al-Ghannam Jewelry Co in the Avenues agreed saying that Kuwaitis in particular preferred larger diamonds and designs than the solitaire that is preferred elsewhere. "They will sacrifice quality for size," said the Damas salesman. "They understand very well the classification system, but this is just to Bvlgari Sotirio Collection BL-30 they know all about it. However, they prefer a more bombastic style to their jewelry.

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